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The Resurrection of the Knitting Witch is a Finalist!!! Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships 2021

Sometimes life throws you an unexpected bone. For Stichting Wool for Warmth, it is the Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships. It is our second time participating in this contest and each time it was an absolute blast!

Started by a knitting group in Joensuu, Finland. They were being interviewed by a radio program and they were asked a critical question:

“Is it possible for a knitter to knit eyes closed, hands behind neck like Yngwie Malmsteen does play his guitar?” “Well of course it is!”, was the reply. And there it was. The idea of a knitter as a lead performer in a band playing heavy metal music. Let’s make it a competition!

And the rest, they say, is history.

2021 making of the Video

Stichting Wool for Warmth collaborated with three young artists to create our video. Niels Weerheim ( had complete creative control, Wille Vaskimo (@vaskimoarts) was in charge of the sets and Wouter van Driel ( did the stop-motion video. Stichting Wool for Warmth provided the props, the location, and the Knitting Witch.

The Heavy Metal Knitting Demon summons black wool through a portal which resurrects the Knitting Witch. She is black because she is created from the black wool we use to knit for homeless men.

Wille Vaskimo as the Demon
Niels Weerman, Creative Director, checking the portal
Cathy Delhanty from Stichting Wool for Warmth as the Knitting Witch

Fingers crossed for 9 July! We are having a watch-party at our Living Room in the SOZA building. Come and join!

The Resurrection of the Knitting Witch

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