Linda’s Annual Memorial Day 

It was a wonderful event. On the 10th of February, 2023, approximately 50 people attended the memorial dinner at the head office of Wool for Warmth in the Hague at the SoZa (Treasure Trove) building. Wool for Warmth remembers her yearly on the date of her death, she is the reason Wool for Warmth got started. A well balanced mix of youngsters and adults were present. This one was the biggest ever Memorial Day of Linda compared to the last 4 years. I was part of the Remembrance Day of Linda since 2020 including the online dinner in 2021 because of the Covid19.  

Among the attendees, just to mention a few:  

Trude: Who has contributed a donation of two years of our website and still pays half the yearly cost of the website. She also serves us as a webmaster. She crocheted the big carpet under the table. It took her 42 hours of crocheting to finish using 22kg of yarn. Thank you for your presence. 

Marga and Mirna (the Blanket Lady) came to the ceremony. About 103 blankets were made by her. What a performance. Her being present on the Linda’s Memorial Day was a great surprise. I heard from her that the 10th of February is the International Knitting and Crocheting Day. Marga thank you for the surprise. 

Jean and Tom: also attended the Memorial. They gave us a lot of donations. Thank you guys, for attending this nice event. Together with Pat, Hans, and Raquel; it reminded me of the days when we were frequently meeting in the Treasure Trove. It was wonderful. 

Connie and her Husband were with us for the first time to celebrate the Remembrance of Linda. They donated different thing to Wool for Warmth. Connie is involved in the book team and helps on Wednesdays with the ISH students. Your presence gave us a boost up for the memorial. Thank you. 

Pat and Hans: of course, as the family of Wool for Warmth, cooperative and helping hand for Wool for Warmth attended the ceremony. Pat is one of the turbo-knitters, don’t interrupt automatic input type knitter and Hans is helping us with transporting the end products to Homeless with his driving service. Your presence was magisterial. Thank you. 

The Sunday Knitting Club was noticeably delegated by Anita, Sandrine and of course Trude. You guys are awesome. Thank you. 

Mieke (one of the unwind sisters), known for her skill winding and detangling the most difficult wool knots and Marinou also participated. Thank you. 

Laura (Trainee Manger), Sadia (HRM) and her Husband, Laura G or Laura no.2 (HRM), 

ISH (International School of The Hague) students were delegated by Natalie. Thank you Natalie.

Ieva (Event Manager) and her Family are among the many more who attended the ceremony for the first time.

AndlLast but not least Zahia and Kamal were there too. Thank you guys for all your help.

I can’t mention everybody but thanks everyone for coming and making it such a memorable evening.

Those who were expected but were not able to participate because of other commitments, I hope to see you at our celebration next year, 10 February 2024. 

Of course, with the Will and the Wish of God. You know every day and every year is given. Let’s be all together for the good meaning of Life! Wool for Warmth is a Seriously Easy-Going Foundation because of all your participation and communality.

If you were wondering, the two people who actually knew Linda while she was alive, have this time missed the Memorial. Catherine (Cathy) a good friend of Linda. And Richard Linda’s Husband. Cathy is still sick with a nasty flew and Richard had to take care of his mother who had an accident. They are normally the ones who would give the speech at the ceremony. I wrote this just to show them that we Laura, Ieva and me have done our best to organize this day. Of course, together with all the participants. 

Eshete Fantaye 

Wool for Warmth 

10 February, 2023 

In the Sprit of Linda

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