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Usually we say “Yes” but this time we said “Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!! The Treasure Trove/Schatkamer Second-Hand Store is OPEN for Business!

Stichting Wool for Warmth Treasure Trove

Soza Building Noord Ingang

Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 55

2595AN The Hague

10:00-17:00 every day. Other times by appointment

We know what to do with donated wool: Open lots of knitting clubs and knit and crochet for the homeless. And also know what to do with old clothing: Donate winter clothing to the homeless and poor, sell the rest to pay the rent. Baby and children’s clothes are donated to StartKidz and the Crisis Centers. But we did not know what to do with fabric, craft goods, books, home items, and furniture. So we said “no” to them.

BUT No is not our favourite word!! It is a hearty “YES!”. So we have expanded our business plan.

Now we have thousands of books, mountains of clothing, house-loads of furniture. A library full of books. The result? We can independently pay the costs of Stichting Wool for Warmth.

Now we say “yes” to furniture, “yes” to clothing, “yes” to books, “yes” to home and kitchen items”. Basically “yes” to everything. We have opened a second-hand store!

Cathy Delhanty describing the Stichting Wool for Warmth expanded business plan

The Treasure Trove – Schatkamer

A Treasure Trove is a collection or store of valuable or delightful things, so what better name for our second-hand store? It is brimming full of grandma’s treasures, sparkly objects, useful items, and books and clothing. We have some designer shoes and handbags. Baby furniture, prams, clothing. And because it is Wool for Warmth, there is always more. We even have an oven, 3 fridges, and a washer and 2 dryers. All donated. And we have sold or donated 4 – yes 4! pianos to people that deserved them. And we just collected a house full of furniture from Voorschoten. And another from Wassenaar.

We invite you to come to inspect (and buy, of course) our Treasure. We use the proceeds to pay the running costs of Stichting Wool for Warmth.

Over 3000 books in English, Dutch, and French

Books come in by the carload. We currently have a selection of English, Dutch, and French books. I have to say that new titles are added on an almost daily basis. In addition to the bookshop, we manage a library of books for our volunteers and the people living in the SOZA building and an online shop on VINTED. Our VINTED shop is called Booksforwarmth and we are thrilled to see the first 5 star review.

Alexandra runs the Book Lovers team and is looking for new members to sort and register the books. Love books? Love reading? This is the volunteer position for you. You can spend your time playing in the bookshop and library. Duties include sorting books by language, registering titles and ISBN in our database (we are trying to build a list!!), and taking pictures of the books for our online shop.

Vintage and Pre-Loved Clothing

This started with our VINTED shop and has grown to bursting. Méadhbh manages the online vintage clothing shop under the name Vintage4Good and we are very proud of her 25 ***** reviews. Currently, we are working with three students from the International School of The Hague to open a menswear online presence.

Come into the store and brouse through our racks. We receive new donations every week and the stock is always changing. We make a big effort to ensure that the clothing is clean and in good condition.

The Fashionistas, the name of our clothing team, is looking for new volunteer members to volunteer. Do you love clothing? Please contact us ASAP!!

Also, we have 60 bags of clothing that needs washing and sorting. We are looking for a team to pitch in to wash the clothes.

Shoes, Handbags, and Accessories

Watch this space! We are busy setting up an online presence to support sales. High heels, necklaces, and handbags are complemented by silk scarves and leather gloves. Beautiful.

Home Decoration and Kitchenware

Please visit our shop for vases, souvenirs, and home decor. This section needs its own article because we have so much stock!

Currently, Cathy is the only person working in the home section and she is a bit overwhelmed with all the items. Come join the homeware team and help us bring more order to the shop. Of course, the best way to bring order is to come and buy all the stock!!

You are invited to come and see for yourself

The only way to really appreciate this new endeavour at Stichting Wool for Warmth is to come on in and see for yourself. Have a coffee, have a look around, stay for some knitting, and come shop in the Treasure Trove. See you soon.

See you at the Treasure Trove!

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