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Eshete Fantaye – The Hague Volunteer of the Year 2020!!!!!

Watch our very own Eshete Fantaye learn that he is Volunteer of the Year in The Hague. No one was as surprised as him.

Photo: Eshete Fantaye on the front page of the AD newspaper

Always a smile, ability to pick great staff, coffee and croissants in hand, we are very proud of Eshete. He joined Stichting Wool for Warmth in 2019 with the intention of working 4-6 hours per week and was soon volunteering, as we jokingly say, “all but 4-6 hours per week. He worked through our start-up phase when Rita opened 70 knitting clubs in a couple of months and we expanded from 50 to 1000 knitters. He was there when Monique collected 10,000 items of clothing – with bags of donated clothing pressing up against the ceiling tiles in our Treasure Trove. He helped to sort the 13,000 balls of wool we received in a large donation in September. Always with a smile and a cup of coffee for our other volunteers. Most importantly, Eshete manages our relationships with the charities that provide services to the homeless in The Hague like the Kessler Stichting, Straatpastoraat, and the Aandachtcentrum.

A satellite engineer by education, Eshete uses his skills as a project manager and trained engineer to manage the ever changing, every increasing collection of people and donations that is Stichting Wool for Warmth.

Thank you Eshete, Volunteer of the Year 2020 ❤️

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