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Seeing the Positive Side of the Coronavirus while Following the Rules

Most of our volunteers and knitters are in the high-risk group for coronavirus so this pandemic is something we take very seriously. Instead of “circumstances-beyond-our-control” however, we are taking the “circumstances-within-our-control” approach. For all our volunteers, followers, and fans, we are making our coronavirus policy public. And in the spirit of Wool for Warmth, we are looking to the positive and seeing how we can use the virus to our help the homeless in The Netherlands.

First we will discuss actions you can take to continue knitting and crocheting during our lock-down then we have included a copy of the Dutch Government’s

Most of our volunteers and knitters are in the high-risk group for coronavirus so this pandemic is something we take very seriously.

Cathy Delhanty, Founder Wool for Warmth

Knit and Crochet from home!

We need to knit and crochet from home. I am doing my part and staying at home and knitting with my cat Draakje. If you need more wool, and you live in The Hague Area, we can arrange to have some dropped off in front of your door in a safe manner but we will not be picking up the finished items. Please stockpile your knitting and we will pick up everything after the crisis. Your hats and scarves will be needed more than ever in the fall.

Send us selfies of you knitting at home so we can put them in our next newsletter!

Draakje guarding the wool at home

Online Clubs to Maintain Social Contact and Support

If you club is interested, we can support you by showing you how to set up an online club. The Friday afternoon Breiborrel is the first to go online using the free ZOOM platform. All your members need is access to a computer or a smartphone with a camera.

Donations Needed More than Ever!

We expect the coronavirus pandemic will lead to an increase in homelessness in the fall. This means that our scarves and hats are more needed than ever. If you have wool to donate, please send an email to and we will make safe arrangements with you.

Donations arriving in the mail

Sewing Protective Masks

We have started a new group to sew protective masks for the Dutch hospitals. More than 20 sewers have volunteered in the first phase. We will keep you informed about this project. If you are interested in sewing masks, please send us an email at or join the Facebook Group

The Minimum we can do is Follow the Government’s Advice

As a minimum measure, Stichting Wool for Warmth is following the Dutch government’s advice to the letter. Instead of writing the government’s approach in our own words, we have copied it directly from their website

The Dutch Government’s Recommended Approach to Tackling Coronavirus in The Netherlands

The Netherlands’ approach is essentially to control the virus as much as possible. That should lead to a controlled spread among the groups least at risk. The aim is to stop nursing homes, home care services, hospitals and, above all, intensive care units becoming overwhelmed. And to make sure they always have enough capacity to help the people who need it most.

All the advice and measures that apply in the Netherlands are aimed at maximum control of the virus.

Below is an overview of the measures that are currently in force. For now, all measures apply until 6 April 2020 (inclusive). The only exception is that events that require a permit are banned until 1 June 2020.


  1. Stay home as much as possible. Leave the house only to go to work if you cannot work at home, to buy groceries or to take care of others. You can go out to get some fresh air, but do not do so in groups.
  2. Always keep a good distance from other people (at least 1.5 metres) and avoid all social activities and groups of people. At home: limit the number of visitors to 3 and keep sufficient distance (1.5m) from each other.
  3. As before, if you have a cough or a cold: stay home. If someone in your household develops a fever, all the members of the household should stay home. This does not apply to key workers in crucial sectors and critical processes, unless they themselves get sick. You can end the quarantine 24 hours after the symptoms of anyone who had a fever or shortness of breath have disappeared.

Public life

  1. Events and gatherings for which organisers would normally be required to apply for a permit or notify the authorities are banned until 1 June 2020.
  2. All other gatherings are banned until Monday 6 April (inclusive), with a small number of exceptions:
    1. funerals and marriage ceremonies. These gatherings must not exceed 30 people.
    2. religious or ideological gatherings. These gatherings must not exceed 30 people.
    3. gatherings that are required by law, such as municipal council meetings and meetings of the States-General. These gatherings must not exceed 100 people.
    4. gatherings that are necessary to ensure the continued daily operations of institutions, businesses and other organisations. These gatherings must not exceed 100 people.

The gatherings listed above can only take place if all recommended hygiene measures to combat the spread of coronavirus are taken and participants stay 1.5 metres away from one another.

  1. Public places such as museums, concert venues, theatres and sports clubs stay closed until Monday 6 April (inclusive).
  2. Shops and markets must close and public transport services must cease if the relevant hygiene measures are not complied with sufficiently or if people are not keeping a good distance from others (1.5 metres).
  3. All those in contact-based roles must stop performing their jobs until Monday 6 April (inclusive), unless it is possible to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from clients at all times. This includes masseurs, hairdressers, nail stylists, escorts and driving instructors. An exception has been made for those providing treatment in medical or paramedical roles, but only if there is a specific medical reason and the relevant hygiene measures are taken.
  4. All bars, cafés and restaurants are closed until Monday 6 April (inclusive). Meal delivery and takeaway services will remain open. However, people are advised to avoid queues, stand well apart and eat their takeaway meal at home, not on the premises. Coffee shops can stay open for collection of orders.
  5. Casinos, sports clubs, gyms, saunas and sex clubs are closed until Monday 6 April (inclusive).

Thank you for your understanding and participation in helping the homeless in The Netherlands. And in the spirit of Wool for Warmth, we are looking to the positive and seeing how we can use the virus to our help the homeless in The Netherlands and at the same time keep you safe.

There are 5 different ways you can help Wool for Warmth help the Homeless:

  1. Wool for Warmth works without subsidies and every month we need to raise €500. Please help by donating to our gofundme campaign:
  2. Contact us with donations of wool, knitting and crochet supplies, and knitting talent at
  3. Start a club? Email us at
  4. Spread the word. Homelessness is growing and we have a lot of work to do.
  5. Follow us on Facebook and LIKE our page

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